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Premium Service & Perfect Quality

INDOVANILI established since 2017 and Officially registered in Indonesia Goverment in the main business of processing and selling Indonesia Vanilla Beans with a mission to make Indonesia become the World’s Largest Exporter again. since we were established, We have become exporters in America, Europe and Asia. We Export with the regulation of the country of destination and attach the quarantine certificate to ensure that our products is safe and healthy.

We Sell Vanilla Tahitian, Vanilla Planifolia, and other products of vanilla beans according to consumer demand with affordable price, Perfect build and Premium quality, Our company is supported by Experts and Experienced so that our products have high quality standard with big capacity and make us one of The Largest and most trusted exporter company in Indonesia.


Serve Small Quantity

We serve small quantities (even for 1 or 2 kgs) or large quantities (100-1000 kgs)

Large Quantity Stocks

We export with the regulations of the country of destination with the quarantine certificate

Worldwide Shipping Service

International express delivery including tracking number and insurance coverage

Meet The Team

Widha Mahendra

General Manager

Hendra Wijaya



Chief Marketing Officer


Creative Director

Galih Dian

London Branch

Langga Pratama

Asian Business Operations

Nico Beyer

European Business Operations

Richie Portier

European Business Operations