Vanilla Planifolia

Indonesia #No1 Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Planifolia is a very popular species in the world. Vanilla Planifolia is mostly grown in Mexico but this plant does not grow in parts of Indonesia. This type of vanilla has a cylindrical shape and is longer than Vanilla Tahitensis type but the aroma of this type is not as strong as tahiti. This type of vanilla planifolia is included which is very popular in the america market.

PREMIUM GRADE Spesification :
- 1,5 % Vanilla Content
- 20-30% Moisture
- 16-22 Centimeter
- Vacuum Packed with Food Grade Plastic
- Gourmet
- No Split and No Mold

Premium Quality Of Vanilla Planifolia

Why is the quality of our vanilla beans so premium ? That’s because, We embrace consumers from the manufacturing industry or end users like chefs in luxury restaurants and five-star hotels.
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