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#1 Top Quality - Vanilla Planifolia & Vanilla Tahitensis
According to data from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), during the period of 2008-2011, Indonesian almost always occupies the Top of Vanilla Beans in the world. Now INDOVANILI is here to prove Indonesian vanilla beans known as the best quality in the world.

Indovanilli is Officially registered in Indonesia Goverment in the main business of processing and selling Indonesia Vanilla Beans. Located in Yogyakarta and for the last half decade We have become a highly export trusted company, The principle of exploration results and agriculture with environmentally friendly, responsible, sustainable and prosperous society.

We Sell Vanilla Tahitian, Vanilla Planifolia, and Other products of vanilla beans according to consumer demand with affordable price, Perfect build and Premium quality and ready send to Worldwide with international standart of regulation.

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Indonesian Vanilla Beans
The principle of exploration results and agriculture with environmentally friendly, responsible and sustainable

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Vanilla Planifolia

Indonesia #1 Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Planifolia is a very popular species in the world. Vanilla Planifolia is mostly grown in Mexico but this plant does not grow in parts of Indonesia. This type of vanilla has a cylindrical shape and is longer than Vanilla Tahitensis type but the aroma of this type is not as strong as tahiti. This type of Vanilla Planifolia is included which is very popular in the america market.

Vanilla Tahitensis

Indonesia #1 Vanilla Beans
Pods are not split, fleshy, thick, and oily with a glossy dark brown colour, Size: 13-22 cm, Average weight : 5g for the shorter pods and 12/15 g for the longer pods.The aroma is delicate, warm, and sweet with notes of gingerbread and prunes. The most singular of vanillas by its appearance and unique aroma. For gourmets. Powerful Flavour, it actually has fruity notes of prunes (typical in Tahiti Vanilla).